Swikly can provide you a permanent link, customizable and infinitely reusable, to allow you to ask for as many swiks as necessary with a fixed amount.

For example, you always ask for the same amount of security deposit for the rental of your apartment: 500€. We can then create a link, which redirects your customers to a Swikly form, with a personalized description and your logo, inviting them to confirm their reservation by depositing their 500€ security deposit.

You just have to integrate this link in your automatic confirmation email, and that's all!

You can even add this link on your website, in your ads, save it in your phone to send it by SMS quickly...

You can generate this link from your Swikly account in the "New request" tab, then "Deposit permalien". You just have to choose a security deposit amount, and then generate a link to secure your security deposits for 3 months.