Depending on the document, several reasons can explain why your document was refused 

  • ID : the uploaded document must match the identity of the person mentioned on your Swikly account. Moreover, the document must be uncut, perfectly readable. Finally, you must provide recto and verso of the ID. 

  • Proof of registration : it must be 3 months old maximum and mention all the partners listed in your statutes. 

  • Company Statutes : Statutes must be signed, dated and initialed on all pages. We invite you to check if your document is complete (with all pages) and up to date (the lastest edition). 


If your document is rejected, it is possible to save it again in the "Legal Documents" tab of your Swikly account, having taken into account the indications above.   


If you have any other question regarding your legal documents, please contact our support team at