Swikly is THE specialist of online security deposits. Thanks to Swikly, protect your rentals properties and simplify your bookings

Swikly enables you to protect your rental properties and safeguard your bookings thanks to an online security deposit request . Swikly is aimed at all professionals in the field of short-term rental, vehicle  rental, and all other kinds of rental businesses. Thanks to Swikly you can protect any rented goods - such as an apartment, a vehicle or equipment - without the hassle of cheques, money transfers, or credit card imprints.

To avoid all these constraints, Swikly has invented the swik: A swik is a particular banking transaction that guarantees and secures a rental or a reservation through an online transaction.


The "swik caution" enables you to protect a property by sending a security deposit request (without debiting or blocking funds on your customers' bank cards).


The "swik reservation" helps you avoid no-shows and guarantee the presence of your customers without making them pay in advance, by sending a deposit request (without debiting or blocking funds on your customers' bank cards).



How does it works ?


A swik is created from a credit card imprint that must be entered by your customer on a digital form.


The latter must be sent by email and/or by SMS a few days before the beginning of the rental. It can also be made available at reception in the agency or at check-in. Security deposit requests can be easily automated thanks to our partners (PMS and Channels managers), our API and other convenient tools ! A swik can be secured for a few hours or for several months ! The secured amounts are neither blocked nor debited (there is no pre-authorization). Credit card limits are not impacted by securing a swik.


In case of damage or no-show, you can collect a part or all amount of the security deposit, and amounts are guaranteed as part of our premium service. Swikly is your trusted third party that takes care of everything and handles any disputes, all you have to do is receive your money ! 


If you don’t need to collect the security deposit, it is automatically released a few days after the rental.


Swikly also enables to ask for an online payments which can be made at the same time as any given security deposit. This is very practical since you avoid asking your customers to enter credit details several times.