« Request a swik » means send a credit card entry request on the Swikly secured form. The card number must be entered directly by your client, who is the holder of the bank card used to make the security deposit. He must confirm his agreement by entering a 3DSecure code sent by his bank.

The security deposit is not debited and not blocked on the credit card limit of your client !

By entering his credit card number, your client authorizes Swikly to debit on his credit card in case of damage or no-show. He mandates us as a mediator and trusted third party to arbitrate any disputes that may arise in case of reclaim of the security deposit.

There are several ways to request a swik, depending on your needs :

  • Manually : You can send your swik request manually from your Swikly account on www.swikly.com. It’s perfect for occasional use.
  • With the permalink : Swikly can provide you a customizable permanent link that will allow you to ask for as many swiks as necessary with a fixed amount. You can even integrate it on your website, in your ads, in your automatic emails....
  • With an integration in your management software (PMS): You can automate your requests thanks to our software integrations in the various PMS of the market (vacation rental and vehicle rental)
  • For a more advanced use: our API and our customizable permalink allow you to fully automate your security deposits requests