Repeatedly making manual requests can be time consuming and repetitive. Free yourself from this burden and save time with Swikly automation! Automation can be done in several ways:

  • By creating a permanent link: a permanent link, customizable and infinitely reusable with a fixed amount. You just have to add this link in your booking confirmation emails so that your customers secure their security deposits.

  • Thanks to our Partners: we are integrated in several management software (PMS, Channel Manager): We are currently integrated in Applicamp, Arkiane, Avantio, BookingSync, Beds24, eSeason, Inaxel, Guesty, Living Parisian, Maxxton, Plein Air - France Com, Smoobu, SPI (Septeo Pôle Immobilier) and Sydevcamp. Many new integrations are to come!

  • With an advanced use of permalinks: Integrate the security deposit request in your applications. For more information, please contact support at

  • With our APIs: All our APIs are available here as well as on your Swikly account, in the top right menu, "Developers" tab, to integrate Swikly on your website