Swikly offers a mutli-account option. The multi-account option is based on a  « Manager » account, having control over and a possibility of action on all the accounts, and Managed accounts, having a remit limited to their account only.


Basically, the Manager account is for the manager, or managing company, and the managed accounts are assigned to owners, or franchisees. 


The multiaccount helps you : 


  • Manage all your Swikly accounts from a single account : your Manager account. This account gives you access to your own account, but also to all the Managed accounts, on which you can request, raise, end, or reclaim your swiks. 
  • Give your owners access to their own Swikly account (the Managed account) where they are free to act as they want on their swik requests (request, send reminder, end or claim). Indeed, each managed account has his own bank account and allow your owners to claim the swik on its own account if needed. 
  • Each managed account is coupled to an assigned bank statement, enabling your managed accounts to claim the swik on its own account.
  • Centralize Swikly billing on the manager account only (More details here)
  • Apply a commission to all payments and collections from managed accounts, which will be paid to the manager account


When do I need a multi-account? 

  • I manage several properties with different owners but I don't have a real estate agent card 
  • I have agencies in different places and I don't want to group them all on one Swikly account 


Concrete example: I run a short-term rental management agency, and I have several agencies spread across different cities, As a manager, I want to have an overview of all my agencies but I don't want the agency X to have access to the agency Y's dashboard. The Manager account gives me a global view, and the managed accounts allow each agency to have a view on their own agency.

When you log into your Managed account, the Swikly banner, initially in blue, changes to black, so that you can identify which account you are on.